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  • The first level of connection occurs between your computer and the DSL modem. This can either be with a USB connection or the preferred Ethernet (or network) connection.
  • The DSL modem is designed to handle the other two levels when it is configured properly. It connects to the equipment at the local phone company, which in this case is Qwest. This is called "training".
  • After establishing the "train", a connection is then attempted to DFN Systems by sending the login information programmed into the modem. If the login information sent matches the login information at DFN, a connection is established.
  • The connection will be maintained by the modem as long as it is powered on. Loss of connection can also occur from various other factors. Fluctuation in the signal, which can be caused by a number of factors along the phone line, could disrupt the connection. A reset of the equipment at Qwest or at DFN Systems can also cause a disconnect. Power fluctuations can cause the modem to loose connection as well.
  • If you open your browser or check your email and you get error messages relating to the connection, such as," Page cannot be displayed" or "Connection to the server cannot be established", we recommend the following steps:
  1. Check the lights on the front of your DSL modem. The "Power" light and the first light to the right of the Power light should both be solid green. On the cream colored ActionTec, the second light is labeled "Internet" and on the dark gray ActionTec, the second light is labeled "DSL". The second light indicates the "train" to Qwest.
  2. On the dark gray ActionTec, there is an "Internet" light to the right of the "DSL" light which indicates a connection to DFN Systems. It should be solid green as well.
  3. The lights labeled "Ethernet" are related to the communication between your computer and the modem. These lights may blink as they communicate. If they are not lit, it indicates a problem either with the modem or your computer or the cable. If the light is flashing consistently rapid, the modem could be defective.

Model GT701

  1. The Qwest 2Wire is displayed and shows a solid green "DSL" light indicating the "train" to Qwest, four solid green "LAN" lights (there are four computers plugged in the back ethernet ports) indicating a proper link to your computer(s), an "Internet" light indicating a link to DFN Systems, and the power light. If you have computers connecting wireless, that light will be lit up as well. The "USB" light is an optional way to connect to computers without an ethernet port, but it is not recommended to connect in this manner. If you don't have an ethernet port on your computer, one may be added at reasonable cost. Contact DFN for more information.

  1. If problems are showing in any of these areas, unplug the power from the modem, wait about 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. Wait about one minute and then restart your computer. If the lights do not display correctly after these actions or if you still cannot connect to the internet, call DFN Systems (622-7853) and we will work through the issues with you.



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