Dial Up Support

Connection Issues:

A stable dial-up internet connection is dependent upon the quality of the phone line and the modem in your computer. In simple terms, unexpected disconnects can occur when static or other noise is present on the phone line. For the best connection, use the following guidelines:

Position your computer as close to a phone jack as possible and use the shortest phone cord possible.

Do not use splitters. Connect the phone line directly from the phone jack to the "line" jack of your modem. Most modems have an adjacent jack labeled "phone" that you may plug your phone or fax into.

Other appliances on the same phone line in other areas of the house may cause problems even when they are not in use. The most common culprits are portable phones. To troubleshoot your connection, unplug all phones, answering machines, fax machines, etc from the phone jacks and try your internet connection. If the problem goes away or lessens you can plug them back in one at a time until you find the problem.

Security systems may cause this problem. Contact your security system vendor to inquire.

Pick up a phone and dial "1" to eliminate the dial tone and listen for static. Audible noise is plenty to disrupt a connection. If you hear static, voices, or radio stations, contact the phone company to have them check your line. If the noise is originating from a problem in your home wiring, there may be a charge to fix it.

If you have call waiting, make sure you have your configuration set to disable it when you are connected to the internet. This may be accomplished by typing *70,623-0001 as the number to connect to DFN in your dial-up settings.

If your disconnects happen when you check your mail in outlook express, a setting may be causing this. While in outlook express, click on the tools menu and select options. Click on the "Connection" tab. If "Hang up after sending and receiving" is checked, uncheck it and then click "Apply" and the "Ok" buttons at the bottom.

If you notice disconnects during downloads, check the setting in internet explorer for idle disconnect. While in Internet Explorer, click on the tools menu and select "internet options" or "properties". Select the connections tab. Click on the "settings" button and then the "advanced" button. If "Disconnect if idle…." Is checked, remove the check mark from the box and click "ok".

If none of these suggestion help, we will bench test your computer for you. Just bring the "tower" into us and if it does need a modem replaced, we will do it at a reasonable rate.



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